Ardbeg - Uigeadail - 54.2% - 2010

mardi 7 juillet 20150 The Uigeadail is one of the Ardbeg's range All Stars, still (relatively) easy to find at a (relatively) affordable price. Return on a few years old batch. Nose...

Ardbeg - Perpetuum - 47,4% - 2015

samedi 27 juin 20150 Evey year, the last week-end of may is well cross-marked for all the aficionados of the Islay distillery : it is the Ardbeg day, or "how to celebrate with great pomp...

Ardbeg - 17yo - 40% - OB

vendredi 27 février 20150 Old versions are always popular. This 17 years old, even if strongly reduced, doesn't fail the rule. If this Islay distillery usually needs power to seduce us, why...

Ardbeg Supernova - 2014 - 55% - OB

mercredi 8 octobre 20140 In order to celebrate the return of the samples sent to space about 3 years ago, Ardbeg chose to release a new version of its now famous and renowned Supernova. The...

Ardbeg Auriverdes - 49,9 % - OB - 2014

dimanche 17 août 20140 Like every year for the Ardbeg Day, the annual limited edition is awaited like the messiah. This year, with the World Soccer Cup pending, they choose to refer to the...

Ardbeg Ardbog - 52,1 % - OB

lundi 9 juin 20140 June the first, 2013, like always for the Ardbeg Day, the distillery from Islay offered us a limited release. A 10 years old whisky, fruit of the mix of a bourbon...
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